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Bite Booster Trolling Plus S

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The Bite Booster Trolling Plus S fishing lure has unique design that gives it the ability for self-immersion during uniform motion, and to generate steady and active oscillations that attract predatory fish.

This lure is intended for deep-water trolling and droplining, and for casting from a boat in deep-water ponds. Weighting 24 grams (±10%) in total and about 6.7 cm long, the Trolling Plus S lure may be used in trolling at the depths of more than 9 meters, generating uniform active oscillations within a very wide range of speed, even during the slowest speed.

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holes4-1024x448Holes For Line Attachment

The lure creates soft or active vibration amplitude and frequency, which can be chosen by the fisherman, depending on fishing conditions, by using one of the holes.

  • First hole – soft vibration for trolling, ice fishing and vertical jigging.
  • Second hole – medium vibration for trolling, ice fishing and vertical jigging.
  • Third hole – active vibration for trolling and casting.

The bait has little drag in the water which gives it the ability to flow uniformly without rising to the surface and allows it to move at great depths. It can be used effectively for deep trolling without excessive release of fishing line, without the need for powerful fishing gear, and without overloading the rod and the reel.

During the movement of the lure from side to side, it’s mimicking the movement of live fish.

The lure has the ability to actively and constantly fluctuate even at very low speed and the ability to prowl from one side to the other in order to provoke an attack, even from a passive predator.

Unlike wobblers, during trolling, the lure is able to dive rapidly by giving out some fishing line or by pulling back the fishing rod.

This allows you to keep the lure at the bottom with the sharp change in the depth, and occasionally knock the lure on the bottom, which also attracts predators.

In addition to trolling the lure can also be used for casting and jigging.

The characteristic of the lure moving uniformly in depth without rising to the surface, allows the use of light and compact equipment for fishing from a boat in significant depths or active counter flow.

Most traditional lures that are used in such conditions are heavy and require quite powerful rods for casting; this lure is used with fairly light gear that makes fishing more comfortable.

The ability of the lure to move from side to side when jerking the rod also allows the angler to combine a uniform retrieve of the line, with agitation.

When used for vertical jigging, the lure moves to the sides and when  paused, slowly returns to its original position, continuing  to vibrate.