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BaitCloud-lokaas stimuleert de visactiviteit op je favoriete visstek en vergroot je vangkansen.

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Deze wetenschappelijk bewezen crèmes voegen elk een eigen krachtige geur aan kunstaas toe. Hierdoor wordt selectief vissen op kabeljauw, heilbot en zalm/forel mogelijk en nemen de vangkansen toe.


De Ultraskiff is de 1e ronde, gepatenteerde vissersboot ter wereld. Vanuit de 360° roterende stoel is het comfortabel en ergonomisch vissen: houding, voetpositie en gezichtspunt blijven altijd gelijk.


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SmartFishing ondersteunt vrouwen in Kenia

Lady Fly Tiers is a self-help project initiated by out of school women, who have no alternative mean of eking a living through formal Employment. The project is a group initiative. It is wholly owned, managed, and operated by the members.

The Mission of the group is to improve our socio-economic status, through group employment creation for members by members tying artificial fishing flies and exporting them hence making a difference in our lives and the lives of our immediate families and the community at large.

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The group is now made of 35 members including those we are training. The age bracket is between 20 to 38 years.

Unemployment and underemployment among the young people in Kenya is exceptionally high.. Compounded by the high levels of poverty in the country, 60% of the populations live below the poverty line and earning less than 1 dollar a day.

The youths who are not only disadvantaged owing to their socio-economic background but also affected by lack of educational opportunities, which would give them a head start in the competition for the few employment opportunities are mostly affected and face the blunt of unemployment.

More than 45% of women in Kenya give birth to their first child before they are twenty. Preliminary studies done by us in consultation with women groups indicate that there are about 2500 teenage mothers in our area alone. This figure does not include those young mothers who have migrated to urban areas for jobs or staying with relatives elsewhere. 25% of these mothers are jobless while others are either casual workers, house helps, working because of economic necessity rather that for self-fulfillment.

It is therefore for the above reason that we decided to train on fly tying. Our fly tying initiative is designed to empower ourselves with skills and capacity to make ourselves self-reliant hence improve our economic status.

Besides fly tying, we also make other handcrafts including bead sandals, belts, bangles, earrings etc.

Most of our members are born again Christian so we also record our musical activities in studios and use the same to win souls for Christ.

By liaising with, ordering and buying flies from us in a third world country setting, you create employment for us, you ensure food provision for our families, you become a mutual partner in the worthy endeavor in fighting poverty and want. We at Women Fly Tiers therefore lobby for prayers, technical, financial, materials, training support, and collaboration from men and women of good will, the church bodies, organization, firms, institutions, and individuals in support of

May God Bless you all


Lydia and Lady Fly tiers.

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